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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Smith's Rounding Coupons to $1!

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Starting today, 6/23, Smith's is having another Mega coupon event! 
Utah rarely sees double coupon events, so I must admit I am pretty excited about this!
Smith's will be rounding up coupons under $1.00 to equal $1.00 off. So, .20, .35 and .50 and all manufacture coupons under $1.00 will come off as $1.00 at the register. If a coupon says .25/1, Smith's will round it up to $1/1. That's actually like quadrupling a coupon! No coupons over $1 will be doubled.

Here are a few items to be on the lookout for:
Bounty Basics paper towels $1.09
Use- Bounty Towels or Napkins, any .25/1 PG-6/6
Final price: .09
Clorox bleach 1.99
Use-Clorox Bleach, any 82 oz. or larger .25/1 RP-6/6
Final price: .99
Dial Soap $1.00
Use- .35/1 RP 6/13
Final Price: FREE

Dawn 10.3 oz. 1.59
Use- Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, any size .25/1 PG-6/6
Final price: .59

Dawn Hand Renewal w/Olay 9.5 oz. 1.49
Use-Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, any size .25/1 PG-6/6
Final price: .49

Egglands Best, 2.49
Use- Egg-lands Best Eggs .35/1 SS-1/31 or SS 5/2
Final Price: 1.49

French's yellow mustard 20 oz. 1.49
Use-Frenchs Classic Yellow Mustard, any .50/1 SS-5/9 or 6/20
Final price: .49

French's Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce 1.69
Use-Frenchs Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce .50/1 SS-6/6
Final price: .69

French's Worcestershire sauce 1.59
Use-Frenchs Worcestershire Sauce, any .50/1 SS-5/9 

Final price: .59

French's Spicy Brown or Honey Mustard 1.69
Use-Frenchs Spicy Brown, Honey Mustard or Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce .50/1 SS-5/9
Final price: .69

Frigo Cheese Heads string cheese 16 oz. 2.97
Use-Frigo Cheese Heads String Cheese, any 10 oz. or larger .50/1 SS-5/2
Final price: 1.97

Gold 'n Soft tub margarine 1.79
Use-Gold n Soft tub, any size .50/1 SS-3/21
Final price: .79

Huggies wipes 2.59
Use-Huggies Baby Wipes, any 64 ct. or larger .50/1 SS-6/20
Final price: 1.59

Hunts Ketchup, 24 oz, 1.25
Use- Hunts Ketchup, any .20/1 SS-5/16 or SS 6/20
Final Price: .25

Ivory bar soap 3 pack 1.00
Use-Zest BW, Zest Bar, Safeguard Bar, Safeguard LHS, Ivory BW or Bar Pack .50/1 PG-6/6
Final price: FREE

Land O Frost Premium One Pound, 2.99
Use- Land O Frost Premium One Pound, any variety .55/1 RP-4/25
Final Price: 1.99

Listerine Pocketpaks 24 ct. 1.77
Use-Listerine PocketPaks, any 24 ct. or larger, or any Listerine PocketMist, Plax Rinse, or Listerine Essential Care Toothpaste .50/1 RP-1/3
Final price: .77 

Mentos, 1.39
Use-Mentos Gum, any bottle .55/1 SS-4/25
Final Price: .39

No Yolks noodles 1.59
Use- No Yolks Noodles, any size .75/1 SS-2/21
Final Price: .59

Ortega Taco Seasoning, $1
Use- Ortega Products, any .75/2 SS-4/18
Final Price: .50 ea

Pine sol, 28 oz 2.69
Use- Pine-Sol cleaner, any 28 oz. or larger .50/1 RP-6/6
Final Price: 1.69

Q Tips, 375 ct 2.40
Use- Q-tips cotton swabs product, any 170 count or larger .30/1 RP-5/23 o

Final Price: 1.40

Quaker Capn Crunch Cereal, 14 oz 2.59
Use-Quaker Capn Crunch Cereal, any .50/1 RP-5/16
Final Price: 1.59

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, 1.77
Use- Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, any boxes .75/2 RP-5/2
Final Price: 1.27 ea

Reddi Wip, 2.49
Use- Reddi wip, any .35/1 SS-6/20
Final Price: 1.49

Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta 1.00

Final price: FREE
Sunny D 64 oz. 1.00
Use-SunnyD Product, any .25/1 SS-5/9 

Final price: FREE

Texas Toast croutons 1.29
Use- Texas Toast Croutons, any flavor .50/1 SS-3/21 or SS 5/16
Final Price: .29
Wacky Mac 1.25
Use-Wacky Mac, any size package .50/1 SS-5/16
Final price: .25

Ziploc Double Zipper storage 20 ct. or freezer 18 ct. gallon size bags 2.50
Use-Ziploc Bags, any .40/1 SS-5/16
Final price: 1.50

Zone Bars, 1.50
Use: Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars, any Single Bar or Multi Pack .55/1 SS-5/16
Final Price: .50

Thanks to PYP for compiling these matchups!

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