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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do You Need Coupons?

Only $0.75 Per Paper!
Now is the time! This deal is better then the deal I got on my 4 newspapers.
The trick to save as much as I save is to have one Sunday Newspaper per-person in your home.
Contact me today to get yours. This deal wont be around for long. I am guessing for about a week or so.

The Sunday Newspaper can be delivered state wide- just about anyone can get the Sunday Newspapers!
Here is how it will break down-

  • One newspaper for a whole year: $39
  • Two newspapers for a whole year: $78
  • Three newspapers for a whole year: $117
  • Four newspapers for a whole year: $156

That deal is really incredible! I paid about $130.00 for my 4 newspapers for 6 months! 1 month and 1 day later I save $146 on my shopping trip using coupons! It really dose pay for itself!

Even if you just use 1 coupon per week it would pay for itself being only $0.75 a paper!

Contact me today to get your Sunday Newspapers started!


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