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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rite Aid

Rite Aid Deals

I went to Rite Aid yesterday to see if the +UP Rewards are workings. The transaction worked just fine for me. 
I bought one Oxi Clean and it printed the +Up Reward- I then did anther transaction and it printed for me again. 

I did call Rite Aid yesterday to get a few answers. I have to say that I was super disappointed that not even the people at Rite Aid know what is going on.

Here is the information that I did finally received:

+UP Rewards-
They print at the bottom of your receipt- There are two different +UP Rewards.
One is $ off of $ amount set by the store- pictured above.
Only one of these per transaction can be used.
The other is a reward, used like store credit that you earned from a specific purchase. Pictured above.
You can use as many of these as you want/have. However the store will not adjust these down. So if your total is $0.98 you can not use the +UP Rewards for $1.00 you will have to buy a 'filler'. Also it is the total before tax. So your total has to be $1.00 before tax or you can not use this +UP Rewards.

As this program is so new and we are learning that they are making changes and adjustments to it still- make sure you are watching and paying attention. I do know that a few weeks ago I handed one to the cashier and it did not take it because my 'total' was less then the +UP Reward and I did not catch it tell I got home. 

Rite Aid will not be making changes to the coupon policy at this time.
Single Check Rebates will also stay the same. 

I have not had any problems with using Video Values- The woman I was talking with did tell me that they are one per person for each coupon that is offered in the month. Even if your husband has an account you might have a hard time using more then one of them- even in a different transaction- I will keep you updated as we start to see this.

Rite Aid is setting limits to the +UP Rewards and they are tied to the Rite Aid Wellness Card that you use- this did not happen to me yesterday but I am sure that it will start. 

I asked several more questions with no answers. I am told that I will be getting a call back-
I will let you all know as soon as I do. 

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