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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So Many Bags

If you have been couponing for a bit you know that you get several of the same item- well at my house so we don't get sick of 8 bags of regular potato chips I get 8 different flavors or as many different flavors as they have. The problem is that all 8 of the bags some how gets opened. I hate wasting food so my solution is when the bags are about 1/2 way gone and the family has tasted each and everyone of them ;) I take an hour one morning and I cut all the bags open and I then place them into smaller sandwich bags. This is great for two reasons. One- the bag of chips does not just sit in the pantry. Second- I now have several different super easy option for snacks on the go or kids lunches.

Sense I am in the kitchen I make homemade pancakes and French-toast. I then put two in a sandwich bag and put them in the freezer. This saves me time in the mornings when there is no time. It is also great when I make dinner and my two year old wants nothing to do with salmon- it is a super easy dinner that she loves.

Do you do anything to save from wasting food- or quick things that you pull out??
I would love to hear what you do- leave a comment.

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