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Thursday, August 26, 2010

HOT Newspaper Deal!

I was so excited to get this email I am about to share with you!
You can now get the Sunday Newspaper for $19.99 a year!!!
What are you kidding me!
I can not believe it!
This is the BEST deal they have ever offered!
The lowest price in Utah!
This is almost $40.00 a newspaper lower then the deal I got! And my deal was great!

I know that I could not save the money I do without the Sunday Newspaper!
70% of the coupons I use ever week come from the Sunday Newspaper.

I get told all the time that 'our family does not eat processed food, frozen food' etc.
It happed again just last night as a matter of fact ; )
Even if you just use coupons for personal care and household items you will still save hundreds! 

So with the newspaper being just $19.99 a year that is just $0.38 a week!
Most coupons have a value of $1.50!
And you get hundreds of coupons each week!

Want to hear the best part of it all?!
We can now get 8 Newspapers!!!

With this deal you will get Friday, Saturday and Sunday's newspapers delivered to your door.
You will also get the e-edition Monday-Thursday.

So here is the only bad part-
They will not give you this deal.
No exceptions.
However you can add to the subscriptions you already have.
So for those of us who already get the newspaper this is the time to get more coupons to save even more ;)
I will defiantly be adding more! 

Here’s is what it looks like-
  • One newspaper for $19.99 for 1 Year - $19.99
  • Two newspapers for $19.99 each for 1 year - $39.98
  • Three newspapers for $19.99 each for 1 year - $59.97
  • Four newspapers for $19.99 each for 1 year - $79.96
  • Five newspapers for $19.99 each for 1 year - $99.95
  • Six newspapers for $19.99 each for 1 year - $119.94
  • Seven newspapers for $19.99 each for 1 year - $139.93
  • Eight newspapers for $19.99 each for 1 year - $159.92
This deal will not be around for long. Get it while you can!

You must contact me to get this deal-

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