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Friday, August 13, 2010

Survey Sites & Making Money?

There are so many options out there for making money for reading emails or taking surveys.
What one's do you do, if any?
I don't believe any of these sites are going to make you rich- however if I can click on a few buttons and make a few extra dollars I will.

Always remember that survey site should never ask you for your credit card or make you pay to get information. Also remember that if they seem to good to be true, they are : ) 

My favorite is My Points


It takes just minuets to sign up- when you sign up they send an e-mail to your account and then once you receive that you can sign in and get started.
I would then update your profile with your 'junk e-mail' address. 

One of the easiest ways to earn points is by receiving the Bonus Emails- you just click on the links in the e-mails. You get 5 points per click. 

I joined My Points in the last week of May.
I have 1,034 points today.
I ONLY click on the Bonus Emails and that is what I have collected in a little over two months.

There are many more ways you can earn points with them- that is just the fastest and easiest for me. 
They still have their Daily Spin and Win game as well.

Just for signing up you get 100 points! 
Go here to signup for My Points! 

I have never used other services.
Here are a few that I know of.

Inbox Dollars

Just for signing up you get a $5.00 sign on bonus!

They were featured on the Good Morning America TV Show.  Be rewarded for your online activity with InboxDollars! InboxDollars will pay members to read e-mail, take surveys, play games, shop online, and more.
I have heard that they offer $0.10 for each coupon that you print from their site and redeemed. 
They seem to offer a lot of the same stuff that My Points does.
Go here to join InboxDollars.

Panda Research

Earn $3 to $75 for every survey they complete, plus special discounts, rewards and giveaways. 
Get $3 just for signing up.
I have heard that there is some junk surveys on this site.
I don't know how hard it is to tell what ones are great or what ones are junk.
Go here to signup with Panda Research. 

Mind Field 

Your opinion counts at Mind Field and is often rewarded! We conduct ongoing Internet surveys for clients across America and beyond.

I hear this is one of the best. 
Plus you only need $5.00 in your account and you can 'cash-out' through pay pal. 
Go here to signup with Mind Field. 

Survey Head
I have heard that this is a good site- 
Go here to signup for Survey Head. 

If it is something you are interested in I would suggest joining several and finding the best one for you.
Let me know if you know of any other great survey sites.

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