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Monday, September 20, 2010

Savin' Queen.... Stealin' Groceries...

So this is the email I got from my mom this morning:

how come your blog says stealin' groceries???

So I guess if my own mom does not know you all might be wondering as well :)

I loved The Savin' Queen- however I just did not feel like it fit what I was doing... What was the Queen saving? To those of you who follow my blog or have been to my class you know that I save money on groceries and find deals around town. But for those who did not know who I was it really did not say much. However, Stealin' Groceries did. I like it and so I changed my name. 
So The Savin' Queen is now Stealin' Groceries with The Grocery Thief. 
I hope you all like it and I will continue to post the same great deals that I was posting when I was The Savin' Queen.

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