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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Smith's Show Off

I had to run to Smith's to grab some milk- SO.... while I was there of course I had to pick up some great deals ;)
Total $108.39
Paid $42.67
Savings 61%

This is typically cereal that I don't buy because my kids (and husband) love it and it is not the best for us.
However with Christmas coming up....
My son has 23 kids in his pre-school class and my foster son has 12.
I was able to get 28 boxes of cereal.
(I also got 6 boxes of fruit snacks, 4 yogurts, 1 ranch and 1syrup.)

Is what I am going to do is let my two boys take them for 
Christmas gifts (if they last that long :)
I have a few more boxes of Trix that I moved into a separate pile to save for Christmas.
Now I am giving them something that the kids can really use (last year I got them these cute toys but I am sure not one kid keep them a week) and the parents will think is really cool too.
Is how it breaks down is that I got each kid in their class a gift for about $0.87!

Not to bad to have Christmas gifts that they will not be getting from anyone else for under $1.00 a kid!

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