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Thursday, September 23, 2010

T.J. Maxx- Great Deals... YES!


T.J Maxx send me a gift card to go and check out what great deals I could find.
And boy did I ever!

I went to the T.J. Maxx in Brickyard Plaza. Not only did they have great clothings but they also had a Home Goods section that was amazing!

I was surprised to find out how T.J Maxx got such great deals. You can have designer looks for way less!
Buyers for the stores travel all around the world 40 weeks a year to meet with 12,000 different vendors, allowing them to snag the hottest in-season trends as they happen and negotiate prices up to 60% less than department stores. 10,000 new items arrive in every store each week, creating a “new store” feel every time shoppers visit.

You can go here to find a store near you.

I took my sister with me (she is a manager of a ( very expensive!) retail store here in Utah) and she loves T.J.Maxx. She said that every time you go in you will find something new!
However, if you love something you need to get it- it wont be there when you go back.

I found kids shirts for $2.50! I found a few books for under $5.00 each.
They had super cute workout outfits for $15.00 for the set.

These however is my favorite item I purchased:

I really don't wear cloths that can't get dirty... I really don't 'cook' that much- 
but I LOVE aprons! 
So when I saw this- I had to have it! 

I was making pancakes on Sunday for breakfast and I don't think I took it off all day ;)

Overall I think T.J. Maxx has great deals! I had my little pea with me when I was shopping and I was able to find plenty of great deals to buy.
My sister says that you do need to 'look' more then at other stores. They have a lot more in their store then others. They can't put every outfit they have on a mannequin.

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