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Couponing Healthy

When people find out that I teach couponing classes, guaranteed I will hear, "my family does not eat just frozen pizzas! You can not eat healthy and use coupons!" Or something to that effect...
So I am going to prove it! I am going to show all of you that you can eat healthy and use coupons! Not only am I going to eat healthy I am going to lose weight! I will also do this and stick to the budget that I teach in my couponing classes- A family of 4 for about $200 a month.
Starting May 1st I will post pictures, what I am eating, how much I am spending and what I am buying. Of course I will also post how my weight loss is coming along and picture of my progress!
I will do my best to make a menu plan and post that as soon as I can, so if any of you are wanting to follow along you can have all the tools that I am using. So here are my 'Before' photos. I just took them today (April 29,2010).
Yes that does say 149.8 (yiiiikkkkssss!!)

5/3 Lost 1.4!!
5/9- My weight stayed the same... Maybe it was Mother's Day and I ate everything I could see!! : )

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More to come.....


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