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What's What?

I am asked often what different abbreviations mean that I use in my posts. Here are several common abbreviations I use, along with their meaning.

SS: Smart Source coupon insert. In the Sunday paper.
P&G: Proctor & Gamble coupon insert. Also in the Sunday paper.
RP: Red Plum coupon insert. Most areas of Utah get this is the mail on Tuesday or Wednesday.Some get them in the Sunday paper.
GM: General Mills coupon insert. In the Sunday Paper.
B1G1F: Buy One, Get One Free.
B1Gx: Buy One, Get what the store is offering for Free. For instance, if Smiths is offering 'when you buy 1 General Mills cereal- you get 1 Gallon of milk Free', so x = free milk.
B2G1F: Buy Two get One Free.
OYNO: On Your Next Order. Used to describe catalina offers that enable you to save money on your next shopping trip.
OOP: Out of Pocket. Referring to the amount of money you'll pay before rebates or other offers.
WYB: When You Buy. Used to explain the final price of an item or promotion that requires additional purchases. For instance, If General Mills cereal is on sale and there's a coupon for $1 off 2, I'll say, "Final price: $1.38, wyb two."
DND: Do Not Double. Verbiage written on a coupon that prohibits you from being able to double the value of the coupon at stores that double coupons.
DNT: Do Not Triple. Verbiage written on a coupon that prohibits you from being able to triple the value of the coupon at stores that double coupons.
MIR: Mail in Rebate.
SCR: Single Check Rebate, available at Rite Aid.
RR: Register Rewards. Walgreen's form of catalina offers.
Catalina: Machine that spits our coupons if you purchase qualifying products.
Peelie: Coupon found on the product itself.
Rain Check: If a store is our of product when it is on sale they will give you a Rain Check to buy that same product for the sale price on a later date.
Blinkie: A coupon found in a SmartSource machine- usually attached to a shelf or freezer and usually has a blinking light.
CRT: Cash Register Tape- coupons that print on bottom of receipt.
Hangtag: Coupon hanging from a tag around a bottle or jar.
IP: Internet printable coupon.
Tearpad: Coupons that are on a tearpad usually located on a display or shelf near the item.
$1/2: One dollar off two items.
GC: Gift Card.
RegP: Regular Price.
ETS: Except Trial Size.
OOP: Out of pocket. The amount of money you will pay out of pocket.
Q: Coupon
MFR or MQ: Manufacture coupon.
TMF: Try me free- Usually requires you to mail in a form with receipt.
YMMV: Your Mileage May Very- this may not be the case in all situations *check yourself*.
Overage: When your coupons/store specials etc. make the item FREE plus the store 'owes' you money. Example- Smith's has Drano advertised for $2.50, you have a MQ for $1/1 and a Smith's coupon for $2/1 so  you have an Overage of $.50.

How to read coupon postings:
6/17 SS $.25 off x 3/31
(June 17th SmartSource Insert coupon is $.25 off expires 3/31)
$1.00/1 Q from 6/17 SS (3/31/2010)
($1.00 off of one coupon from June 17th Smart Source insert- coupon expires March 31 2010)


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