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If you want to save hundreds of dollars on your grocery bill each month and find the best deals in Utah, you have come to the right place!

Ready to start stealin' groceries?

 If you are looking for great deals around town and a way for you to save hundreds of dollars each month on your grocery bill you have come to the right spot!

If you are anything like me, I learn and understand better when I can see it right in front of my face. I teach Free Couponing Classes that is very hands on! I go over all these details and many more in my Free Couponing Class. Please contact me if you are interested. 
1) You need to get the Sunday newspaper- the general rule is to get one Sunday newspaper per-person in your home. (I have 4 people, I get 4 Sunday papers)
The Sunday newspaper is the only place you can get coupons. You can 'buy' them. If you do 'buy' them I recommend The Coupon Clippers, however you are going to pay a lot more then ordering the Sunday paper. You can also get them from your local grocery stores or gas stations, however the inserts are not guaranteed. The only way to make sure you are getting the best deal and guaranteed the inserts is to get the Sunday newspaper.
*Please contact me to get your Sunday Paper at a huge discount! You can also view Newspaper Discount here.
2) Open your newspapers and pull out your coupon inserts.

3)You are also going to take our the ads (Target, Walmart etc.) and set them aside.

4) Now it is time to separate your inserts. Open the first page and lay it our flat, then set the middle of that insert off to the side. Repeat that step with all four of your inserts. After you have all four of the first page laid flat on top of each other, do the same with all the middle pages.
Your's should look like this when you are finished-

This makes it very easy when you go to cut one of your coupons- you just have to cut once not four times!

5) Remember to pull out any rebate offers or restaurant coupons! You wont remember they are in there.  Just cut out  the coupons or rebate and stick the uncut part back into the insert.

6)Write the date on the front of the first page of your insert. (If you ever forget what day it came on, turn it to the side and in VERY small print it will say the date :)

7) Put the insert into your filing system.(This is a SmartSource insert, so I put it in the front of my SmartSource section.) I choose to use this hanging system from Walmart for $5. I have my labeled SmartSource, P&G, RedPlum, GeneralMills, Other. You can label yours in months for each of your sections if you would like- it just seemed like a lot of work for me.  Once you have several weeks of inserts your folders will start to get crowded. I just added another 'blank' folder behind my labeled SmartSource and put the oldest SmartSource inserts in that to make them not so crowded.

7) I then take my ads that I pulled out of the Sunday newspaper from before and I put them in my section labeled Other. I do this for two reasons one is so I can price match and the other is when I go shopping I like to take the ad with me in case something is mis-priced at the store, I have the ad with me to show them and get the correct advertised price.

8) In your Sunday newspaper there are several coupons that are not in the inserts. I have found some really good coupons in the Parade. Make sure you check it before throwing it out. * I always post if I find good coupons in the Sunday newspaper as well.

9) Depending on what area in Utah you live, you will get your RedPlum and your grocery stores ads on Tuesday or Wednesday in your mailbox.
I file my grocery stores ads along with my other ads in the Other section in my filing system.

Now you need to know what to do with all those coupons! It is really simple! If you feel overwhelmed please contact me for a Free Couponing Class. I am such a hands on learner, it did take me going to a class before I was saving 50%-70% on my grocery bill.
You will simply go to Grocery Smarts (100% FREE Website) and they do all the work for you! Grocery Smarts tells you if it is on sale and if it is a good time to buy. They also match-up all the coupons you will be using for that shopping trip!
Go here to get your Grocery List
You can access Grocery Smarts from the front page of my blog- it will look like this:

Once you are at Grocery Smarts you will see this:


You will now Select your store- once you do, you will see this:
Activate reset Toggle gray rows   

You will press the Start button and then go down the list and pick ONLY the ****(4) or *****(5) star deals.  
When you are done you press the Shrink button and then you are ready to print your list. Cut the coupons it tells you to cut in the Coupon Index column.

Take your list and your coupons to the store and be amazed at how much you will save! 
For more detailed instructions on the list please go here

To see how I Organize My Coupons go here

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