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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Couponing Healthy Menu Week of June 16-22

Meal planning is a little bit different for me and my family then most. I have just about everything I need in my basement/pantry. Each week I buy fresh fruits & veggies, meat, milk, eggs- things like that. I also buy a few items that go to building my food storage.
Couponing Healthy is all about eating healthy, maybe even losing some weight all while using coupons and saving hundreds of dollars each month!
I have a budget of about $200.00- $300.00 each month to spend on grocery's. That is about $50.00-$75.00 each week. My grocery week starts on Wednesday-

I am going to go to Sunflower Market for a few things:
85% Lean Ground Beef $1.97lb
Pears $0.88lb
Lettuce $0.88 ea.
Rasberries $0.97 6oz
Tomatoes $0.77lb
Broccoli $0.77lb
Watermelon 3lb/$1
Green Peppers 2/$1
Red Grapes $0.97lb
Celery $0.88
Straberries $0.88lb
Kewi Fruit 5/$1
Peaches & Nectarines $0.88
??New York Steak $4.97lb

I am also going to go to Fresh Market:

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****Corn, on the cob.25 ea.25 ea
*****Cucumbers.25 ea.25 ea
****Beef - Sirloin Tip roast, boneless2.59/lb2.59/lb
****Seafood - Ocean Eclipse fish, 4oz asst. (Tilapia and Salmon shown)1.001.00
****Western Family eggs, Grade AA dozen large0.990.99
****Western Family Real Margarine, 16oz quarters0.590.59
*****Western Family sour cream, 16oz asst.0.880.88
****Yoplait Go-Gurts, 8 pk 2.25oz Tubes asst.2.00Yoplait Go-Gurt Yogurt, any flavor $1/2 (7-3-10) SS-5/9 slc1.50 ea when you buy 2
****Coke products, 2 liter bottles asst.0.990.99
*****Cheetos Mighty Zingers, 7.75-11.12 oz.
(If this variety is included)
1.67Cheetos Mighty Zingers, any flavor 9.5 oz. bag, LIMIT 1 coupon per customer $1/1 (6-30-10) SS-5/90.67
****Frenchs mustard, 12oz Bold n' Spicy Brown or Honey Deli1.49Frenchs Spicy Brown, Honey Mustard or Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce .50/1 (7-11-10) SS-5/90.99
****Nestle Drumsticks, 4ct2.50Nestle Drumstick Lil Drums Sundae Cone, any 10 ct. or Nestle Drumstick Sundae Cones, 4 ct. or 8 ct. $1/1 (7-4-10) SS-5/21.50
*****White Rain, 12oz Body Wash or 18oz Shampoo or Conditioner0.770.77


Healthy French Toast
Eggs w/ Whole Wheat Toast
Egg whites w/ Blackbean

Yogurt w/ Watermelon & Grapes
Strawberries(Frozen)/Banana Smoothie w/ Wheat Toast 
Cereal w/ Peaches 
Oatmeal w/ Kewi 

Quiznos ($2.99 Lunch ;)
Turkey Sandwiches w/ Cheetos
Crackers w/ Cheese & Ham Rolls
Open Face Tuna Sandwich w/ Pretzels
Hot Dogs w/ Cottage Cheese
Ham Salad w/ Cucumbers
Corn on Cob w/ Chicken Nuggets 

New York Steak w/ Bake Potatoes
Hamburgers w/ Corn on Cob
Salmon w/ Brown Rice 
Mac & Cheese Crock Pot w/ Salad
BBQ Chicken w/ Brown Rice and Salad
Tacos w/ Black Beans 
*Sunday Dinner at Moms

I don't have much that I need to 'stock-up' on from the Grocery Store. The last few weeks Rite Aid and Walgreens have been very good to us! 

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